The Old Vine Conference! Wine trade, Media & Member tasting.

One of the largest tasting of old vine wines from around the world. 


Ioana Bidian • Marti, 13.06.2023


In the world of wine, few things retain a mystical allure like old vine stumps. These often gnarled and age-damaged trunks are living testaments to the history of winemaking and the enduring power of the land. Beyond their captivating appearance, old vines produce quality wines with sometimes exceptional characteristics, which makes them both a challenge and a resource for winemakers while for wine enthusiasts they are a true fascination.

Although there is no universally agreed upon definition of what constitutes an "old vine", it generally refers to vines that have reached and even exceeded 40 years of age. These mature vines are generally only those that, adapting to the unique conditions of the areas, have stood the test of time, developing deep root systems that explore the intricacies of the soil.

One of the most remarkable qualities of old vines is their ability to produce smaller yields of grapes while still maintaining exceptional quality. As the vine ages, it naturally produces fewer grapes, allowing the vine's energy to be focused on a smaller harvest. This lower yield translates into more concentrated aromas, increased complexity and heightened aromatic profiles in the resulting wines.

Old vines also have a unique ability to express the terroir in which they have adapted. This intimate relationship between old vines and terroir often results in wines that exhibit a unique character of place reflecting the nuances and personality of the vineyard.

In conclusion, old vineyards stand as living monuments to the rich history of winemaking, embodying the essence of time and terroir. The wines they produce captivate the senses and tell a story of a deep-rooted connection between the land and the vines.

Wednesday, June 14 will take place in London, at 67 PALL MALL, between 11.00 - 16.00 "The Old Vine Conference Wine Trade, Media & Members tasting". Enthusiasts have the opportunity to taste more than 100 wines obtained from old vines.

"Old vines are a beacon for talent, innovation, and connection. The best old vines yield uniquely transcendent wines, incomparably rich in savor, symbolism, and heritage. The genetic material of ancient varieties, often retrieved from forgotten old vineyards, is proving vital in adapting to climate change. Old vines have their valiant and inspirational champions in their pockets around the world. But the global wine market does not structurally value old vines, or treat old vine wine as a premium category of rich and enduring worth. As a result, healthy old vineyards of cultural resonance and unique qualitative potential are lost because they can’t be made to pay.

The Old Vine Conference is changing the path for old vines and their wines and in its first 2 years has contributed exponentially to the awareness, understanding, and support of the global old vine movement. The tasting on the 14th of June is expected to be one of the largest selections of old vine wines from around the world; with 120 wines open to taste from Argentina to Armenia, Italy to Turkey, Spain to South Africa, and many more.

Members of the wine trade and media can leisurely taste their way through this vast collection of old vine wines, and meet the co-founders of The Old Vine Conference and producers of some of the wines in the room. You will also have the chance to meet Elizabeth Hecker, author of ‘Ethos Priorat’, a book dedicated to this remote pocket of Spain’s viticultural heritage."

Romania presents a selection of wines made from old vines.

  • Crama Histria, Nikolaos Red 2017, Colinele Dobrogei
  • Domaine Ceptura Rouge, Dealu Mare - Ceptura
  • Crama De Matei, Patima dupa Matei Fetească Albă 2022, Dealu Mare
  • Dagon Wines, Via Secreta Old Vines Fetească Albă, Dealu Mare DOC 2020, 
  • Moșia Galicea Mare, Elegance Feteasca Neagra 2017, Oltenia
  • Moșia Galicea Mare, Elegance Feteasca Neagra 2019 – Datfn, Oltenia     

The Moșia Galicea Mare, for its involvement in the project, received the distinction of "Guardian of Old Vines" from the organizers.