Record price for two wine barrels successfully sold at the Artmark auction.

The two barrels of Fetească Neagră from Moșia Galicea Mare, were the attraction of the evening, being the most dynamic part of the auction.

Ioana Bidian • Joi, 13.04.2023


In the "Whiskey, Wine, and Cigar Collection Auction" from Artmark, held on April 12, two barrels from Moșia Galicea Mare were successfully sold.

The two barrels of Fetească Neagră, from the years 2018 and 2019, from Moșia Galicea Mare, were the attraction of the evening, being the most dynamic part of the auction.

The starting price for each barrel was 8000 euros, but bidders, enthusiasts, and collectors of fine wines competed in the bids in the desire to own these barrels. After an intense and emotional auction, the two wine barrels were awarded, setting a new record in the auction sale of wines from Fetească Neagră.

Artmark also marked a new first, as these were the first barrels sold at auction in Romania.

The first barrel of wine, Fetească Neagră 2018, was awarded at the price of 18,500 euros, thus establishing a first, this being the first barrel sold as such in an auction at Artmark. Fine wine collectors and investors have been attracted to this unique offering, considering this wine to be a valuable investment and a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional wine.

The second wine barrel, Fetească Neagră 2019, was sold for 20,500 euros, setting a record for the highest amount paid for a Fetească Neagră, at this auction house. Fine wine lovers were attracted by the uniqueness of the wine and the history of the winery.

The auctioned wines are part of the "Owner's Reserve" and are obtained from Fetească Neagră grapes, harvested from probably the oldest vine in Romania. They are unique, unrepeatable wines, because they are obtained from carefully selected grapes, vinified with natural yeasts, which let the place, the variety, and the year express themselves. The wines are matured exclusively in "ICÔNE Elégance" Seguin Moreau oak barrels, which allow the wine to express both the uniqueness of the variety and the imprint of each year.

The collectors who won these two lots will also benefit from the experience of visiting Moșia Galicea Mare, together with 4 friends, where they will be hosted and enjoy a wine and food weekend. After bottling the 300 bottles of Fetească Neagră, they will be able to keep the oak barrel, in which the wines were matured.

Moșia Galicea Mare is imposing itself on the exclusive wine market in Romania with a concept that combines the tradition of a century of existence of the vineyard and the winery with new technologies in the field, an ambitious project of both restoration and innovation, intended to transport its tasters to the refined atmosphere and fragrant of the olden times.

Most lots of whiskies, champagnes, fine wines, and collectible cigars traded quickly, with the greatest interest being shown in champagnes made by prestigious houses.

This auction demonstrates the growing interest of collectors and investors in fine wines, who see such auctions as a valuable way to acquire rare and high-quality wines.

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